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Drainage systems are designed to control and prevent basement flooding during storms. Droughts and the natural movement of the ground along with freezing and thawing will cause a space in between your foundation walls and the dirt on the outside of your foundation walls. During heavy rain, this space around your home acts as a water retention “moat” causing the excess water to build up around your home's foundation which can eventually seep into your basement thru foundation wall cracks and up thru your basement floor. Water build up can cause ongoing flooding of your basement during storms, resulting in extensive property damage.

When water flows in between your concrete foundation and the dirt on the outside of your basement, it takes traces of dirt leaving behind silt deposits in your basement’s drainage system under your basement floor. With enough time and rain, your basement’s drainage system will eventually completely clog up causing flooding. It is estimated silt deposits will build up about an inch every 10-15 years. Many companies will install insufficient and under designed drainage systems that are only 6- 8 inches deep leaving homeowners thinking their home is protected for life when in fact their systems will only provide protection for 50-75 years. The Basement Wizard has replaced many of these drainage systems because they are no longer functioning properly due to silt deposit build up.

By understanding how a proper drainage system should function, we are able to provide accurate warranties and back them up with money back guarantees. The Basement Wizard offers new drainage systems with 100 year money back guarantees with a true life expectancy of 150 years plus. Our drainage systems are built to last because a flooded basement is something no one ever wants to have.

Some waterproofing companies may suggest installing a new drainage system when in fact your old system may have another 60 – 100 years of life. The basement wizard is able to test the functionality of your current drainage system to determine its remaining life expectancy. We offer the option to repair or replace your current drainage system depending on your budget and needs. Call us today for your free estimate.

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