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Expert Waterproofing and Maintenance Tips for Homeowners


1. Have you checked your sump pump lately? Make sure the float is not wedged against the edge of the crock wall. Lift the float up to make sure the pump is still in working order.

2. Have you checked for clogged gutters or gutters that are bent and not flowing properly?

3. Does your yard drain away from the house or is there standing water that lies against the house on the outside?

4. If you problem was due to power failure and the sump pump stopped, then consider having a battery operated sump pump installed.

5. If you house was built before 1980, make sure the dirt on the outside of the home is not higher than the concrete foundation on the outside of the house.

6. Does your water leak continue to leak even 3 days after the rain? If so, there either a spring or plumbing leak. Turn off everything in the home that uses water or do not use those items (toilets, ice makers, water softeners, sinks, etc…). Look at the water meter and see if any water is still running the meter. The meter should not move. The smallest amount of water will show usage. To see how this looks, have someone run about a gallon of water from the sink and watch the water meter.

Make a note and see how much water the meter says you have used total. Just the last 100 gallons is what matters. Then check the meter again in 1 hour. If the meter is running and you haven't used any plumbing then you have a plumbing problem. If it has been several days since the last rain and the meter has not changed and you know for sure no water has been used, then you have a wet spring problem.  If it’s the day of a rain or after that is common for the water to finally all drain off after a rain. But know that any water problem can be fixed. This does not have to haunt you any longer.